What a Fellowship!

I begin this article at 4:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon with the sounds of children and youth everywhere; playing the piano, visiting and working getting ready for the dinner and still others just enjoying their time together. What a wonderful event we will share in just a few minutes! I have tasted some of the fare and WoW! What a wonderful variety of tastes! There are 120 seats around tables for adults and youth and thirty or more for children. I don’t know how many to expect, but it will be a full house I am sure.
Bro. Dave Kelley preached a fine message Sunday morning on Jonathan and his armor bearer from I Samuel 14. The impact of the message was making a decision and carrying through with it without vacillating. Too many of us today are in a place of indecision; waiting when we should be pressing on. Once God has led you to a place of decision, it is incumbent to act upon the results of that decision. Jonathan was set to go to war whatever the response of the enemy. We too need to be ready to march on the Lord’s orders regardless of the decision of the enemy! What words of encouragement to me!
I will finish this in the morning after the dinner and will tell you how it went…..
Well, here I am back at the computer Monday morning six a.m. It is funny how one can eat so much and yet wake up hungry! I told myself this morning that feeling hungry is good. That is, I need to feel hungry so my tummy can shrink. After such a meal, well no more indecision! It is time to cut back on the calories!! We had every chair filled and hunted more seating. The volume and quality of food declares the condition of the fellowship…Excellent!
Our handbell choirs both played with skill and spirit. The Allen and Barnett families presented us with the Word in Song through a cappella music. What a wonderful sound when human voices blend together making music! Then Dave Kelley shared God’s provision for his life over the years and how God has taken care of his every need. Todd Isom shared God’s moving in his life these past months and how His watch care over Todd has brought him to a new appreciation of how God works in our lives.
I got to just enjoy it all with such amazing joy to see God at work in our lives.
Merry Christmas and may His Joy bring you to a place of decision to serve Him.
Bro. Wayne

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