What a Time!

This past week was a very taxing, busy time for the Keely household. We had guests in our home beginning Saturday the 18th through Saturday the 25th due to Daniel’s revival effort and my brother coming for a visit. We enjoyed every minute of our time together, including the time we spent in worship and revival services. Of course, it only seemed right that if I went to see the Keely families in Hawaii, and attended revival services six times that Buck ought to have to do the same when he came to see me! He preached twice and I preached three times while he was here. Along with that we made a trip to Duncan, OK where our sister and brother and their families live; staying overnight to see them. Every day was packed with places to go, things to do and people to see. Not much of a vacation for anyone! But it was good to spend some time with Buck.
While in Duncan we went to see my older brother Lynn. He was a heavy smoker since he was in the ninth grade and it has taken its toll on him. He can no longer walk, even around his house…on oxygen 24/7 and can only breathe when he is in a semi sitting-laying position. His life is coming to an end, obvious to all. Buck exhorted him to get his life in order with Christ and be ready to meet God. I just sat in silence and prayed…Lynn is 71….his passing is so similar to my mother’s it breaks my heart.
Sunday morning we got up and the house was ours again. No visitors or guests, just us. There is a lot to be said in favor of ‘empty nesters’….it’s not empty, just quiet!
Todd has taken hold of his responsibilities as our administrator and outreach/inreach director. I have watched him take hold of the job and take responsibility in a wonderful way. I appreciate the relief he has given me, especially in the time I had to spend in the office. His presence and handling of things that come almost daily has given me great relief and time to study that I have not had since Daniel went to New Beginnings Baptist Church. Thank you Todd… keep up the good work.
Vacation Bible School is just around the corner, I hope you who are able will be involved in this great attempt to reach those children who will not hear the Gospel if we do not reach them. If you would like to know how you can help, {we especially need people who would be willing to pick up and return home children who need rides} call the church office 918-342-6997 and we will put you to work! Thanks Jeanie for heading up VBS!
May God continue to bless our work together! Bro. Wayne

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