Oh Them Bones

This morning Bro. Dave Kelley, who we support in his evangelistic endeavors will be in St. Francis Hospital for a knee replacement. He has had a very difficult time with it for several years and has been told that it is bone on bone and the only hope for ‘normal’ walking will be a knee replacement….hence the trip today. We will be praying for his recovery which should take around six weeks.
We live in an amazing day! I well remember ‘old folks’ who had to walk with canes, crutches or were relegated to a wheel chair when all that was wrong was the pain in their knees was so severe they couldn’t walk. As I think of it, I don’t know of anyone who regularly uses canes now…I am sure they do, I just don’t know them personally.
My dad was injured in WWII and was let out of the service in February 1943 because of a knee injury. It could not be repaired and in 1953 the Veteran’s hospital in Oklahoma City took out his knee and put a metal rod in its place making his right knee permanently stiff, with no bending ever again. He was 32 years old. In those days they called him a ‘cripple’. One of the strongest, most agile men I ever knew and the world called him a cripple…He wasn’t but it took its toll on him and he died at the age of 51. Thank God for modern day miracles that enables our senior adults to continue their life without the continual pain and crippling effects of knee problems!
What a blessing to see Jacob Marks make his profession of Faith public. His mom and dad were the ones to lead him to Jesus, and we rejoice with them. I will meet with their family this week and hope to baptize him soon. I woke up this morning with a great way to baptize without our baptistery since we are in construction. We will see….
This coming Sunday is our annual Memorial Day Picnic. The weatherman last night called for rain {a whole week’s forecast} but we have plans however the weather comes. Please come dressed casual, but modestly as we ‘dress down’ for some time of Singing, Preaching, Food, Fun and Fellowship this next Sunday morning! We will close out the day after the afternoon activities.
What a joy to see Brooke Ross back with Michael and their boys, Easton and Miles. Brooke was almost taken from us in a fatal accident involving a drunk driver. We rejoice in their returning to health and the fellowship of Rehoboth.
There is so much running through my mind this morning, I guess that explains the babbling…Let us rejoice in another day our Lord has given us: ‘This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.’ Psalm 118:24
I watched this video on ‘texting’ and was so taken by it I wanted to share with you: http://biggeekdad.com/2015/05/dont-text-and-drive/ It speaks volumes!
Bro. Wayne

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