Daily Archives: September 7, 2015

Vacation and Back to Work

So many of you asked about our time off and it is impossible to summarize a week of doing nothing, yet isn’t that what ‘vacation’ is all about? We did make a trip to Branson, MO and Eureka Springs, AR and made it home by Monday evening. After that we basically did normal things for most. We worked around the place and fished, actually going for a boat ride on Claremore Lake in our new rubber boat with an electric motor. It was fun.
We checked on the building a couple of times after hours and are amazed at the work done! I so appreciate all of you who made the removal of the pews look like such a simple thing! I received a picture text at 8:05 Sunday evening and the pews were gone and the carpet was being taken up! You made it look so simple!
I was told that Bro. Chester Webster once again did an amazing job filling the pulpit for me…thank you Bro. Chester, I knew you would. We are blessed by your ministry to us!
Tomorrow {Tuesday} the carpet layers will begin to install the new carpet and by Thursday we should be ready for the pews. We will meet in the fellowship hall again Wednesday evening for service. But by Sunday morning we should be moved back into our newly remodeled sanctuary! New carpet, new pews, a new organ, ceiling fans and all!
My apologies to you who came not knowing we were meeting outside this past Sunday morning for worship. I heard years ago that you have to tell us Baptists seven times to be heard, and sure enough we didn’t promote it enough for all to know! The service was really good and the breeze made it very nice and thanks to James Thompson and crew the sound worked pretty good {with the only exception of a 1970’s tape for special music} Our thanks to Bro. Todd and all who set up equipment, tables, chairs and those who cooked, served, cleaned and basically made our time together a blessed event! What a way to come home from vacation. Thank you for our time off, it was greatly needed and made me appreciate how great of a church we have as I watched it continue without my oversight {sometimes a preacher feels that he is the only one….a sure sign of the need of vacation} and you showed that God has truly blessed our work here.
I look forward to seeing you this coming week…
Bro. Wayne