The Most Wonderful Season

Sunday evening’s choir practice begins the preparation for the Christmas season at Rehoboth Baptist Church. We are planning some really wonderful changes preparing for the season. I need some of you to step forward to help in the selection of the decorations we will use to accent the beauty of our newly remodeled Sanctuary. If you would be willing to help please call Cindy at the church office [918-342-6997] and tell her you are interested. I will set a time for us to meet and discuss our plans {yes your ideas are welcome and needed!}. We will plan on meeting during children’s play practice this coming Sunday afternoon at 4:30 in the fellowship hall area.
I have been asked by many about the fall festival that so many churches are involved in this week. It may be of interest to you to know that in 1979 while I was Pastor at Faith Baptist Church here in Claremore we started what was then known as ‘Anti – Halloween’ fellowship. We rented one of the barns at what is now the Expo Center but then was Rogers County fairgrounds. We decorated with a fall theme and had a fellowship meal and had a great time ending with a bag of candy for every child present. It began a new craze among the churches that soon became ‘fall festival’.
I think it is time to change our focus and energy.
Between now and Christmas we have scheduled a revival with Randy Chovan, Evangelist that will begin on Saturday evening November 28 with a meal at 5:00 p.m. and then preaching and prayer time to prioritize our efforts. We are asking God to not only revive us again, but to also give us a new commitment and vision to reach our community for Christ! During the week preceding and then during the revival we will focus on each service, asking God to anoint Bro. Chovan and to rededicate ourselves to Christ and His plan for our lives and the life of Rehoboth Baptist Church.
The following Sunday evening December 6 we will open the Christmas season with a special service where we will all participate in decorating our sanctuary. It is called ‘The Hanging of the Green’. I think it will be beautiful and we will be blessed as we all take part in opening ‘the most wonderful season of all!’
I hope you will come join in with us as we rethink, rededicate and renew our relationship with the God of Heaven and each other.
Looking forward to a blessed season of Thanksgiving, Christmas and a New year! Bro. Wayne

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