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North to Alaska!

I am sitting in my ‘Study’ with empty book shelves and boxes of books with all kinds of memorabilia sitting on top of things screaming at me: ‘Put me where I belong!’ but I sit here writing to you because that is what I do on Newsletter morning! Some of you have asked about our move, well, we are almost out of the parsonage and into our home.  We have very little remaining in the house to be moved, but the garage is another thing!  Maybe a couple of weeks and we will be completely out…Thank you for allowing us to ‘camp out’ there these past few months while we found, renovated and established our home at the 940!

Labor Day picnic day was a good time at Rehoboth.  We had a great crowd, good food and fun and fellowship together.  Everyone had plenty to eat and the weather couldn’t have been much better!  My message Sunday morning was tainted with my emotions being somewhat out of control and a very difficult time keeping my mind into the message because every time I looked at the Ross family my heart heaved.

Tomorrow morning Jeanie, Stevie and the kids leave for Dallas, where they will board a direct flight to Anchorage, Alaska Thursday morning.  Mike will leave the same time by truck, driving the 4,000 miles there.

Jeanie is our oldest child and truly a gift from God {as are all our children}: Psalms 127:3&4Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.  As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.’ Today I will have lunch with Mike and Jeanie and send them forth as Arrows of the Lord to bless another church in a far away place…they have been such pillars here, I know God will use them greatly there.

There is no doubt that much of Rehoboth’s greatness is attributed to the godly people God has established here and yes, several of them are my children.

God has used them to encourage me and strengthen my hands: {Exodus 17:10-12} Every one of us are valuable to the Lord’s Work and He moves us in and out according to His will….it seems He is moving them on…..what a great service they had here!  Go with God Ross and Campbell families… I hope to visit you there in the future…if not, we will see you ‘in the air’!

God is good….All the Time.

Bro. Wayne



Oh for the cool of summer

It was the first week of August, 2008, six years ago that my brother Buck called with tickets for me to fly to Alaska to meet with him and his two sons to fish for a week at Jim’s Cabin Lake near Juno, AL. I had not even thought of a trip like that much less checked into the costs involved. But baby brother Buck had made all the arrangements with his sons Josh and Clint and well…. Soon I was on the way to Alaska! It was extremely hot here and I arrived to temps in the 60’s. The pictures remind me of the great time we had as we loaded the four of us with all supplies and bedding on a sea plane and pilot who took us from Juno to Jim’s Cabin Lake. It took seven circles around the island lake before he could get low enough to land and when he did, we jumped off the pontoons onto shore and unloaded all of our ‘stuff’! What a time those next seven days were! Anytime I wanted to fish, there was the water {less than fifty feet from the cabin} and with no effort would catch how many fish I wanted to eat…We ate fish every day! Grilled, fried, smoked…What a great time and what a reprieve from the summer heat. To this day I do not know what it cost, I am not sure I even asked, but knowing Buck, he was as happy to have me along as I was to be with them; cost meaning nothing. Hey Buck! Thanks again for a trip of a lifetime!
I guess it was the cool air this morning that took my mind back to that hot summer day I enjoyed cool temperatures. It was gorgeous this morning to open the windows {July 28, 2014} and feel the air with just a tad of chill in it!
I am now at the Church office and am dressed for physical activity for the day. Much to do, but before I can take off, I have to clear off my desk {somewhat} you know what they say about a cluttered desk and genius} and then the weekly treck to the bank and other Monday morning tasks. Anyway, the day is in full swing, Carolyn has four grandchildren at home and I have the peace and repose of the office for a short while….isn’t God good?!
See you soon,
Bro. Wayne