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Old Man Winter Hits Again!

I called Derrick McLemore at 7:15 a.m. Sunday morning and he was already at the church.  I told him to set the heat at 50 degrees throughout the buildings….we were in shut down mode.  I got out on the road about 7:45 after already making twenty or more phone calls to teachers, leaders and some others I could think of…I started out by saying: ‘I am trying to call all the crazy people that might try to get out this morning.. I am canceling all services today.  Looking back, it was the right call.  The day only got worse and what I woke up to this morning justified any doubt I had.  Man it is cold and icy!

At 9:00, Derrick, Carolyn, Tim James and I sat in the parlor and visited until I shared the first point of my four point sermon that I had prepared.  It was pretty good, if I do say so myself.  Tim and I drank a cup of coffee each from the three pots Derrick had already made and we just visited, prayed and were gone by 9:45.  On the way home I stopped by to pick up a newspaper and a young man was standing in the cold trying to sell his bicycle for 25 dollars so he could pay Elms motel for one more day.  Carolyn wanted to help him and we did…since I was lined up with Wal-Mart we stopped by for doughnuts and I shared the Gospel with a man there.  We took the doughnuts by Aydin and Kara then took some more by Daniel’s kids {too many to enumerate in this article} and then we went home ~ where we stayed the rest of the day!

It was a great time of reading and watching TV and somewhere around six p.m. we shut down and read the Bible and prayed.  It was a refreshing time considering all the invariables of winter.  I hope you too enjoyed the ‘down time’ and are ready to go for our Homecoming/birthday celebration we have scheduled for next Sunday morning.

I have asked Daniel to share what is going on with him and the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Chateau in an article you will find elsewhere in this newsletter.  It seems that God is at work in his life.  Please pray that God’s will will be done in his and our lives.

Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday or sooner!  There will be a meal served.  Just come and we will plan on having enough!

Bro. Wayne