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The Wonderful Sounds of Christmas

Sunday was a wonderful time of celebration of the Christmas Season. With nearly a full house and guests scattered throughout, Christmas Carols and special music of the Trumpet and Bells, Stevie and Emily in a sweet duet, well, it doesn’t get much better. The message of The Perfect Gift was easy to present after such wonderful proceedings! The weather in the morning was fair and warm….but just about time for the evening service lightening, wind and rain came with a vengeance! But even that could not keep most of us at home… The evening brought nearly a full house again as we prepared to hear the Christmas Cantata.
Bro. James Thompson and the Sanctuary Choir were prepared for the task and presented us with a beautiful rendition of the Christmas Story of Christ’s Birth. Betty James on the piano and Tim James as the Narrator coupled with the sounds of voices was pretty special. If you missed it and would like to see and hear the choir special, request a DVD from the church office…it will be a blessing to you.
Next Sunday the Children’s Choir will present their Christmas Play for us during the 6:00 p.m. Service. They have worked hard to present to us a traditional program with shepherds, lambs, Angels, Mary, Joseph and of course the Babe of Bethlehem! You won’t want to miss the joy of seeing our children and grandchildren act out the events of the Night that changed the course of the world!
I appreciate all the kind words, expressions of love and most of all your friendship this past year. God has been so good to us…it almost sounds trite to write that, but God is Good! Praise His Name forever! That I would be counted worthy to proclaim His Mercy and Grace, to stand behind His Holy Pulpit and proclaim the Mysteries of the Gospel, well, that is almost too much for my mind to believe!
May of 2012 completed forty years of leading God’s church with no interruptions! It was December 15, 1974 I was ordained at the First Baptist Church of Arapaho, OK to the Gospel ministry. What a privilege! What a Calling! What a Joy! Praise His Holy Name!
Thank you Lord for allowing an unworthy newspaper boy to fulfill your calling I felt from a child…. Wayne

Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow

What an amazing life I have been blessed to live! Born in Wichita, Kansas in the hot summer days of 1948 to a WWII veteran and his wife who would stay married until death parted them in 1973. Raised in a financially poor but wealthy family where family was first and the rest of life after…My parents saw that I was in Sunday school and Church every Sunday for the first eleven years of my life {setting forth a foundation that lasts to this day}. Dad worked me hard at home and in the newspaper business, took me fishing, camping and hunting instilling in me life principles of work, play skills and fairness that has guided me as a child, spouse, parent, and pastor.
My childhood was unique to the time and I am wise enough to know that time is over and can never be recaptured. Yet in my heart of hearts I have tried to instill those same values in my children with the added virtue of the Word of God.
I cannot tell you how it grieves me to see the children and youth of our day being ruined by the lack of spiritual instruction, the influence of a godless society and absent parents who care more about their own feelings and needs than that of their children. Dads who have no time for their children, Moms who have exchanged the unredemptive time with their children for a job that allows them life’s extravagance’s when there is no greater joy or purpose in life than seeing the children that God has entrusted you with grow in grace and knowledge. Time is too short and can never be redeemed.
Finally, I have been allowed to be what God has called me to be: A husband, father and pastor; A wife who loves the Lord supremely, and me secondly. Children who have risen up and called their parents blessed: For the past forty years living a dream few have known as I have seen God provide for my family and serve Him in His Church. To be loved {and yes, hated} for strong stands I have taken for Him, acknowledging my frailty’s not always being right, but never making pretense. Truly God has blessed and I would not exchange one day of this life God has given for any life I know.
May 14, 1974 Carolyn and I began our first full time service as pastor of First Baptist Church, Arapaho, OK. It has now been forty years! We have never been fired, without a church to lead or a place to preach in all those years. Thank you Rehoboth for allowing us to serve Him through you.
Praise God from Whom all blessings flow…Praise Him all creatures here below.. Praise Him all ye heavenly host! Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost…..AMEN!

Bro. Wayne