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Thoughts of Summer

For years I have marked the beginning of summer as Memorial Day right along with most of the country.  But today I want to take a moment to remember….

My first year of school began September of 1954 the Tuesday after Labor Day.  All schools started after Labor Day in those days and ended the second week of May.  I just remember that I started to school in the heat and ended hot as we had no air conditioners or fans…just any breeze that would come through the windows.  My first through fourth grade years were spent at Yukon.  Every thing was simple and straight forward…to me anyway!  My mom and dad fought the battles for me.  The school wanted urine samples brought to school in a clean pop bottle…I didn’t even know why.. and it was to be left in the cloak room.  Then came the small pox vaccination {mine didn’t take} and then they wanted us to take the polio vaccination; a drop of something on a sugar cube.  Mom said no! As she was fearful of the paper that declared a certain amount of those taking it would contract polio…a dreaded disease of that day.  I remember the days changing from extreme heat to extreme cold from October through February.  There were few weather reports in those days, the skies were watched and mom would say I should take a coat because ‘it looked like a cold front was coming in’ and she was usually right!

Lunch at school was amazing as I had to sit in class and smell fresh bread cooking and the excitement of recess after lunch.  One of my favorite times was when it was cold I would go on the south side of the building and sit in the sun, out of the cold air and watch the clouds roll overhead.

When the summer time arrived and I would take off my shoes before I went to class {remember I was only six to nine years old} I did not realize my teacher thought we could not afford shoes and boy! Did my parents deal with me….School…those days are gone, sixty three years ago since.  The simplicity of life with all decisions made by someone else…hmmm?  Wonder if I truly enjoyed them as much as I should have?

School ends in the next few days for most of our children; then the wonder of summer begins!  Vacation Bible School, camp, days of playing and wonder.

I wonder if heaven will be any better than that.  I think so… and those days are in view!

Have a fruitful happy summer and remember the admonition from Jeremiah 8:20 ‘The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.’ Spend time seeking the Lord while He may be found.

Bro. Wayne