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Camp Celebration and Update on Remodel

We had a celebration of sorts last evening with our campers in charge. It was very moving to hear them sing together in harmony and simplicity…no piano, just voices harmonizing together. Then to hear their testimonies of what they learned, enjoyed and experienced was encouraging.
As Daniel took time to review the week in sermons, I realized how important it is to build upon one sermon after another: ‘For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:’ Isaiah 28:10 Each message he preached was preceded with principles and instruction from before and to follow…a seamless message of instruction from the Word of God and an amazing intertwining of Bible stories and characters emphasizing the truth of each point made. Truly the youth and children of this camp were ‘instructed in the ways of the Lord’ Acts 18:25. I took note that there was a harmony of interest in all the sponsors who truly cared for the campers and worked to minister to and with them. Even the meals were an amazing feat as the K.P. {kitchen police} worked their assignment before and after the meal to see that the kitchen and serving areas were kept clean and in order from one meal to the next.
Although we did not have a pianist most of the week, Tony did a great job of leading our campers in worship and praise. I so appreciate him and Charlie for their working with our kids….and now they have taken the responsibility of teaching the youth on Sunday evenings. They began this past Sunday evening and will have them as their charge for the foreseeable future. Thank you for serving the Lord!
And this brings me to all the sponsors and workers in this camp. It could not have happened without you! The success of this camp is undoubtedly the work of the Lord, but it was because each member of the team had ‘a mind to work’ Nehemiah 4:6 using their talents and walking in the Spirit as they went about doing what they were there for.
I hope these ‘kids’ will continue their walk with the Lord at home and the spirit they displayed at camp will be expressed at home. Thank you for allowing us to have them for a week…
As most of you noticed Sunday, the remodel is taking shape. Even the sound system was better?! Donnie Lester’s design and work with his helpers {special thanks to James Thompson} is coming together in a wonderful fashion. Our completion date is still not settled, but it looks like we are heading towards a September completion! Pray for Donnie and his laborers as they do the work on the house of the Lord. My prayer is that God will be honored in every facet of our work.
One last word: The LED sign you saw Sunday set up for our viewing is being considered and we will talk about it in our business meeting this Wednesday evening. If you have thoughts on this or any other part of the operation of our church….
Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday or sooner!
Bro. Wayne