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Revival Posts

This week as we turn our hearts toward Thanksgiving Day we do have much to be thankful for. Tuesday evening at 6:00 p.m. we will have a time of sharing what we are especially thankful for. I hope you will come and listen in and share with a grateful heart the blessing of being one of God’s own dear children. This time of Thanksgiving opens our hearts to want to give and what better time to express our giving spirit than Christmastime?! Yes, the season of thankfulness and giving go hand in hand. I hope you will evaluate what God has done in your life and express it to others.
My prayer for your Thanksgiving Day is that it will be a blessed time for you and your family. Just living in these days is enough for me.
This coming Saturday November 28 at 5:00 p.m. we will meet in the fellowship hall for a meal and a special service to kick off our Revival effort. Please try to arrive a little early to select your place and maybe be involved in the final preparations of the meal and then at Five sharp we will begin the meal and afterward there will be some special music and Randy Chovan, Evangelist will share the Word of God and his heart with us. It should be a wonderful time of food, fellowship and Preaching! We should be finished by 7:00 p.m. Please make plans to come and participate in our pre-revival service.
Please note the times of our services for our Revival: Sunday morning 10:15 a.m. Sunday evening 6:00 p.m. the Monday through Wednesday we will begin at 7:00 p.m. Yes, even Wednesday! Please pray and commit to being here each service, prepared to be encouraged, blessed and for God to speak to you…You will not be disappointed if you pray and attend!
Bro. Randy and his wife, Grace and son, Jonathan {who is 16} will be staying in the parsonage as our guests and will be sharing meals in our homes while they are here. If you would like to have them in your home for a meal or for a time of fellowship, please call Cindy and let here know. We will do our best to schedule them to be with you. They want to be used of God while they are here and are your servants to minister to you.
Until then, pray that God will open the opportunity for the lost to be saved, the unchurched to be revived and grafted into His Church again and that you will be blessed.
Bro. Wayne

In the Flow of Life….

This Friday evening at 6:30 will be our adult banquet. I hope you plan to come have a meal with us! Cindy is still giving away tickets {No cost, so please call the church office to reserve your place} so we will be better able to prepare the proper amount of food. Gary Jones and his crew will be cooking and our youth have agreed to serve our meal for us, so dress up just a little, bring your appetite with you and your friend{s} to share an evening with us in fellowship!
Just over two years ago Gary and Earleen Castleberry visited our church. I had not seen them for a very long time, but had known Gary since the early 1980’s. He has been a pastor of Baptist Churches most of the time I had known him and actually preached revival services in a couple of his churches. After the service I sat down with him and caught up on what had been going on in his life and found that he had just lost his Pastorate in Lawton some months before and was struggling to find a new place of service.
Having no income and no home and us having a vacant parsonage, our church family opened their hearts to this couple and gave them a place to live until Gary could find a new place of service…as most of you know, he is a good preacher and Earleen is a tremendous help meet for him as she has taught classes, worked as our secretary and they have been involved in almost every facet of the church. We have provided Gary an income supplemental to his Social Security and school bus driving job, to make a living while the church provided a home and utilities these past two years, all the while praying and hoping that they would soon find a place for Gary to express his gifts as a pastor. Together he and Earleen have become very much a part of our church family and have blessed many of us!
Sunday evening we announced to the church family that Bro. Gary Castleberry has been called to a church in Indiahoma, OK to be their pastor. This is the town one of their daughters lives in and they had settled on making it their home. While they were there a few weeks ago Gary met with some people he had known back in the 1980’s that lived there and well, as they say, the rest is history! They will live in a parsonage for a while until they purchase their own home. We rejoice with them in their new call and ministry! We have enjoyed having Gary and Earleen with us this past two years and wish them the greatest days of their life as they serve the Lord together there having their daughter and family nearby. We will have a fellowship for them Sunday evening February 22 to send them off to their new place of service. I hope you will be there to wish them well as they leave to their new place of service.

I am grieved to report that I received a message last night late that John and Leah Marks’ overdue, expected baby did not survive. Details are not known but I know they need your prayers today and in the days ahead. This will be a very difficult time for their whole family so please pray for them. Bro. Wayne

What a Fellowship!

I begin this article at 4:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon with the sounds of children and youth everywhere; playing the piano, visiting and working getting ready for the dinner and still others just enjoying their time together. What a wonderful event we will share in just a few minutes! I have tasted some of the fare and WoW! What a wonderful variety of tastes! There are 120 seats around tables for adults and youth and thirty or more for children. I don’t know how many to expect, but it will be a full house I am sure.
Bro. Dave Kelley preached a fine message Sunday morning on Jonathan and his armor bearer from I Samuel 14. The impact of the message was making a decision and carrying through with it without vacillating. Too many of us today are in a place of indecision; waiting when we should be pressing on. Once God has led you to a place of decision, it is incumbent to act upon the results of that decision. Jonathan was set to go to war whatever the response of the enemy. We too need to be ready to march on the Lord’s orders regardless of the decision of the enemy! What words of encouragement to me!
I will finish this in the morning after the dinner and will tell you how it went…..
Well, here I am back at the computer Monday morning six a.m. It is funny how one can eat so much and yet wake up hungry! I told myself this morning that feeling hungry is good. That is, I need to feel hungry so my tummy can shrink. After such a meal, well no more indecision! It is time to cut back on the calories!! We had every chair filled and hunted more seating. The volume and quality of food declares the condition of the fellowship…Excellent!
Our handbell choirs both played with skill and spirit. The Allen and Barnett families presented us with the Word in Song through a cappella music. What a wonderful sound when human voices blend together making music! Then Dave Kelley shared God’s provision for his life over the years and how God has taken care of his every need. Todd Isom shared God’s moving in his life these past months and how His watch care over Todd has brought him to a new appreciation of how God works in our lives.
I got to just enjoy it all with such amazing joy to see God at work in our lives.
Merry Christmas and may His Joy bring you to a place of decision to serve Him.
Bro. Wayne