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The Conflict Enjoined

This came from Jim Sadler my friend and fellow servant:
How strange is the course that a Christian must steer,
How perplexed is the path he must tread;
The hope of his happiness rises from fear,
And his life he receives from the dead,
His fairest pretensions must wholly be waived
and his best resolutions be crossed;
nor can he expect to be perfectly saved
till he finds himself utterly lost.
When all this is done and his heart is assured
of the total remission of sins,
When his pardon is signed and his peace is secured
From that moment his conflict begins.
And so I begin a new week thinking of the opportunities of serving the Lord that I have missed because of misconceived notions of the perplexities of the Christian life. The idea of being saved is neither an easy consideration or is it a simple ‘say this little prayer with me’ event. Being saved is best understood as one drowning, going down for the last time and grasping one last time before being lost forever! Suddenly you realize that you have been saved! You are not going to die and the one who saved you merits your soul’s best praise!!
Yet to the typical ‘Christian’ today there is no praise to the one who saved them. It is if there is hardly any acknowledgment of the cost paid to save you. There is a disconnect in a person’s life when they believe that being saved means that they ‘aren’t going to Hell’ and that sums up their hope and responsibly. The thought that we are no longer our own, that we ‘have been bought with a price’ and we are to ‘glorify God in our spirit and our bodiesI Corinthians 6:20 is not even a consideration. We somehow act as if we are our own and that we choose when, where, and how we will ‘serve the Lord’ which is clearly not teaching from the Word of God.
So, one ‘gets saved’, ‘gets baptized’ and then ‘gets to go to Heaven’….No thought of what God demands of those whom He calls, Sanctifies, and ‘…Predestinate to be conformed to the image of His son… that he might be the first born among many brethren….’ Romans 8:29 what then, may I ask, separates the Church from the rest of society? Is it that we who have this ‘free ticket to Heaven’ have won some sort of Spiritual Lottery that allows us free entrance into the presence of God Almighty and His Angels to dwell with them throughout eternity, or is it in reality: ‘the total remission of sins,
When his pardon is signed and his peace is secured
From that moment his conflict begins?’
Are you involved in this eternal conflict for the souls of mankind, or are you satisfied with a cottage below, a little silver and a little gold…
For me…Lead me on to the fight Lord Jesus! I am Yours Lord everything I am and everything I’m not, Try me now and see if I’m not completely yours!!!
Come join in with me till Jesus comes! Bro. Wayne