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We have had two wild weather weekends in the past three weeks! I was pleasantly surprised both weeks as we had far better attendance than I had expected. It would appear that we are in for a long hard winter! I have already gone through three ricks of wood and we still have three months of winter left. Snow and ice are beautiful but hazardous to drive in {of course it’s always the other guy we are concerned about} but the truth is one slip can cost more than it’s worth to be in the weather. We have been very fortunate as the ice storm could have caused much more destruction….
A long time ago I set a standard for inclement weather for the church I pastor: If I can make it on any service, I will be here, unless otherwise stated. If I make it then Matthew 18:20 goes into effect: ‘For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.’
There is no reason people should be compelled to risk life or limb to attend the worship service, but the truth is MOST of us come and go as we please anyway, regardless of the road conditions. Churches all over Northeast Oklahoma dismiss services and there is no shame to anyone concerned about the driving conditions. As a matter of fact, the older I get, the more concerned I am concerning taking a fall!
Well, you get my position. For us here at Rehoboth Baptist Church, we will trust the Lord and be as faithful as possible without making anyone feel less spiritual because the Lord led them to stay in. You can count on one thing: If I can make it here and you come, we will worship Him together and if you don’t make it I promise not to call you a backslider! The attendance for the past three weeks has been astounding considering the hype concerning the weather, I appreciate you looking and listening then making your own decision on attending services. Personally I am glad Carolyn and I made it {and without incident}…it was such a blessing! The children’s program last week was fun as the children and youth together portrayed the birth of Christ and Sunday evening the Sanctuary Choir outdid themselves…a special thank you to all involved…Betty you are amazing! And Bro. Gary…you were a great narrator! Thanks Bro. James for your tenacity and coming through. Hope to see some of you Tuesday evening at 6:00 for the candle light service….Merry Christmas to you all…..
Bro. Wayne