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Some thoughts about VBS

Last week was a wild week indeed!  VBS had a great start and the weather did too!  Heat in the high 90’s with humidity in the mid to high 70’s gave heat indexes of over 100 degrees each day!  The children were kept hydrated by Todd’s encouragement and constant prodding while they played most of their recreation time indoors in the air conditioning.  You can go online to www.roomforus.com and see the pictures of some of the great times we shared.  Just click on the tab ‘what’s new’ and you can see the pics and videos that Bob Allen took and posted for us.

The graduation ceremony Friday evening was well attended with over 100 people in attendance; children, parents, grandparents and friends… The children and youth displayed the Bible verses and sang the songs  they learned and afterward were rewarded as we all indulged in hot dogs {with great chili} and all the trimmings along with chips, pop, cookies! We watched the 1970’s film ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ and saw the theme of our VBS played out for us all.  What a refreshing week!  What an exhausting week!  Our thanks to Cindy Wilson who kept up her work as Secretary and functioned as our VBS director…Great Job Cindy!  And to all our youth and adults, who gave their time, heart and love for the children…May God reward you for your faithful service to Him!

The Preacher fell into a deal about two months ago when the Mattingly Family Singers told me they were in the area this week and I scheduled them, not knowing that it was Father’s Day or our typical VBS program evening…We had the Mattingly’s in our church back in 2001 or 2002 {but personally I thought they are much better today!} so I scheduled them…not knowing that I would need the evening off as sermon preparation time would not be there and at my age, I don’t have quite the ‘spring back’ energy I once had and, well, I was sure glad I didn’t have to preach!  Our Discipleship
Training time was a good fill in for the preaching {Good job Daniel!} so it wasn’t a washout for the preaching of the Word Sunday evening!

One last word: I told everyone that the books we gave to the children of VBS that it was the new version of ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ that was written by C. J. Lovik.  Well that is what our order said, but we received the old English version that even I have trouble reading…Sorry kids…try reading it anyway; it will make you smarter for trying!

Bro. Wayne



I began VBS this morning just before 6:00 a.m. as I sat on the porch to contemplate the day.   I went next door to open the doors and to adjust the air conditioning units {did you know that we have nine units?!} and then I made the first pot of coffee at home and will soon go next door to do the same! {the pot must always be on during VBS!} and then here I sit recounting my morning to you at 7:22 a.m. I am ready for the morning and am anticipating the children and workers to show up beginning around eight.

I cannot properly express my thanks to you who make VBS possible each year.  It is something that we have done now for 43 years!  Carolyn has always been my prodder and pusher seeing that things went right; then Jeanie stepped up to lead and to write some of the best VBS materials I have ever seen.  Now Cindy Wilson has taken the ‘point position’ along with Jody Wallace who has written fine lessons to follow the theme of ‘Little Pilgrim’s Progress’ and so many of you stand up to help, lead and encourage.  There is no doubt: VBS is a labor of love from our church to ALL children who come in for one of the greatest Bible adventures of their lives.

You really ought to come by and see the rooms that have been transformed into the points of interest of Pilgrim’s Progress: From the entering through the Wicket Gate to going through the valley of the shadow of death and on to the Cross and the Tree of fruitfulness….well; our kids will be blessed when they ‘Lay down their burdens’ at the Cross!  When you add to that the finest refreshments around…Well you will just have to Come by and see for yourself…our staff will welcome your visit!  You are always welcome to come see what is going on and to participate in the fellowship, refreshments and joy of being around the little children!

I was blessed, challenged and encouraged by Daniel’s class on Titus….He is developing the purpose and cause for the book and I have been blessed each class.  Come

I encourage you to come at 5:00 p.m. Sunday evenings to hear the Word of God being taught and to see what we are supporting in Chouteau at New Beginnings Baptist Church.  Thank you for supporting him and being such and encouragement to him, his Church and family.

Well, Monday morning!  Let’s see how I feel Saturday morning….. Hope to see you Wednesday evening.

Bro. Wayne

In the Heat of Summer

I am writing this at 5:15 a.m. Monday morning. KRMG radio weather said it is 74 degrees outside and they expect a high of 95 with strong winds today. That ought to dry things out some so many of us can finally mow our pastures that were previously yards. Our farmers have begun the process of laying up hay for the coming winter…and the cycle of life continues. Summer arrived yesterday {on the calendar} and sure feels like it this morning. I did some mental gymnastics Saturday and came to the conclusion that we have around eighty days before the weather break that usually occurs around September tenth. Come on September!
June has long been our month for VBS and this June was no different! I am always amazed at the effort and joy that comes with VBS. This year we saw 21 adults and 18 youth numbered with the sixty plus children that were here each day. High energy, excited, wound up, loud and hungry children filled our buildings along with the sound of construction going on in the auditorium. The sounds of life in the buildings always excite me and fill my heart with joy that we are still part of God’s plan. I so appreciate all of you who participated in the planning, giving, serving and praying for our effort in reaching children for Christ. Your participation made the difference in their lives this past week. Thank you Jeanie Ross for heading it all up, making it one of the best ever! And Carolyn, I can’t get that theme song out of my head! You can see the statistics on the back side of this newsletter.
Camp is next on the schedule. We are planning a time beginning Sunday evening July 12 and ending Friday Morning July 17 for our children and youth who have finished fifth grade through senior high. We will spend the week right here in our facilities with Bible classes and preaching emphasized with singing and all kind of fun, food, games, swimming and fellowship! We are in the midst of planning a great camp with Daniel Keely preaching, Tony Atzbach leading our singing {Tony was our first Music minister here at Rehoboth} and his wife Charlie leading the cooking in the kitchen and both helping as sponsors. Of course I will have my part in the process with an eye to Spiritual renewal and Salvation as our goal for all who attend. I hope you will participate with us in prayer, help and by coming if you are the proper age group. {We would delight in some of our previous graduates coming along side as sponsors}.
Pray for our nation as the Supreme Court of the United States rules on God’s Word on marriage. I would hate to be in their place as they consider changing what God has established from time immemorial and fear for our nation as judgment is held in sway…
Bro. Wayne

Some thoughts on a sunny morning

The world is somewhat brighter this morning as I woke up to clear skies and now the sun is shining brighter than I remembered it! The drought is over and the gardens {and yards that neeeeed mowing} are drying out so we can resume our spring duties of gardening and outside activities!
I spoke to Billy Weske last Tuesday at his father’s funeral. He is the Assistant Fire Chief in Wichita Falls, TX. He told me that the drought there had been so severe that if a home was 20% or more involved when they arrived they would just control the fire rather than fight it because of lack of water. I knew the drought was bad, but had no idea how bad it was. Billy said that in two weeks of rains every lake, river and pond was brimming to the full! His words were that ‘only God could do that!’ and I concur. Now maybe the ‘extreme weather/climate change’ crowd will quiet down a little!
This week begins countdown to VBS as we have marked June 15-19 for our ‘Master Builder’ theme. During the week we will be instructing our children the Ways of Jesus and giving them opportunity to hone their skills in carpentry. While that is going on, a true Master carpenter, Donnie Lester will be working of remodeling the church building. He has been off to a good start and the real progress should begin this week. I think we will all be surprised at how nice the place will look and how much extra room will be provided. If you haven’t yet given a portion to the building fund, it would be a great time to share in your part of the process of growth of Rehoboth Baptist Church!
This past week in our Sunday school lesson King Joash saw the need to bring God’s house into repair: ‘And it came to pass after this, that Joash was minded to repair the house of the LORD.’ 2 Chronicles 24:4 And after so long a time he asked the question: ‘…Why repair ye not the breaches of the house?…’ 2 Kings 12:7
Then the work began as they employed craftsmen to do the work: ‘But they gave that to the workmen, and repaired therewith the house of the LORD. Moreover they reckoned not with the men, into whose hand they delivered the money to be bestowed on workmen: for they dealt faithfully.’ 2 Kings 12:14 &15
I believe we have godly men who will ‘deal faithfully’ in all their labor. I am excited to see what it will all look like when the project is finished!
Sunday evening we witnessed the baptism of Mitchell Campbell. Mitch was saved at home last week and made his profession of faith Wednesday evening. Mitch is the son of Josh and Stevie Campbell and the Grandson of Mike and Jeanie Ross… Carolyn and my eldest Great grandchild! I cannot tell you the thrill it is to see our Children’s children’s children follow our Savior! Praise The LORD!
Bro. Wayne

Mother’s Day and VBS Preparation

Jeanie Ross called for our VBS workers to meet again Sunday afternoon for their third time. They are preparing for a great time for all our children and the children of our area under the theme of ‘The Master Builder. As I listened and took in the intensity of our ladies, I was amazed at their interest and devotion to reaching and teaching children about Jesus! What a wonderful way to express their gifts of the Spirit! I hope you will take part in our Vacation Bible School again this year that we have scheduled for June 15-19.
Many churches are going to an evening VBS because so many ladies are working outside of the home these days. It takes time and real sacrifice to plan, prepare and produce an effective VBS and our ladies {and some men} have risen to the challenge every year. Some even take vacation time to serve!
I appreciate the work and commitment that goes into a successful VBS and the labor of love that causes it to be so. Make plans to participate this year by calling the Church office {918-342-6997} to enroll your children or neighbor children and to volunteer your time. We also have Yard Signs to put in your neighborhood that will advertise our VBS and an offer to pick up children and take them to VBS.
Mothers Day is this Sunday. It is a day set apart on the calendar to remember our mothers and the blessing they have been to our lives. If your mother is still alive take time to honor her while you can. She is the single greatest asset you have in your life. I have watched my children’s mother bear, love and care for her clutch with selfless giving of herself. I honor her labor of love in the raising of our children and her devotion to our grandchildren! God bless all you ladies that have made such a difference in our lives! My mom has passed, but she still lives in my heart and the time she invested in my life has paid her dividends for eternity. She is with the Lord now and I will never, in this life, have opportunity to say to her: “Thank you mom for investing your life in me. I love you and thank God for what you mean to me still today.”
I have invited Ronnie and Mary Lou Warren to come have a concert for us this Sunday evening in honor of Mother’s Day. I think you will be blessed by their wonderful music. Plan to come Sunday evening at 6:00 to spend an hour with your mom in worship in song.
See you Sunday! Bro. Wayne

What a Time!

This past week was a very taxing, busy time for the Keely household. We had guests in our home beginning Saturday the 18th through Saturday the 25th due to Daniel’s revival effort and my brother coming for a visit. We enjoyed every minute of our time together, including the time we spent in worship and revival services. Of course, it only seemed right that if I went to see the Keely families in Hawaii, and attended revival services six times that Buck ought to have to do the same when he came to see me! He preached twice and I preached three times while he was here. Along with that we made a trip to Duncan, OK where our sister and brother and their families live; staying overnight to see them. Every day was packed with places to go, things to do and people to see. Not much of a vacation for anyone! But it was good to spend some time with Buck.
While in Duncan we went to see my older brother Lynn. He was a heavy smoker since he was in the ninth grade and it has taken its toll on him. He can no longer walk, even around his house…on oxygen 24/7 and can only breathe when he is in a semi sitting-laying position. His life is coming to an end, obvious to all. Buck exhorted him to get his life in order with Christ and be ready to meet God. I just sat in silence and prayed…Lynn is 71….his passing is so similar to my mother’s it breaks my heart.
Sunday morning we got up and the house was ours again. No visitors or guests, just us. There is a lot to be said in favor of ‘empty nesters’….it’s not empty, just quiet!
Todd has taken hold of his responsibilities as our administrator and outreach/inreach director. I have watched him take hold of the job and take responsibility in a wonderful way. I appreciate the relief he has given me, especially in the time I had to spend in the office. His presence and handling of things that come almost daily has given me great relief and time to study that I have not had since Daniel went to New Beginnings Baptist Church. Thank you Todd… keep up the good work.
Vacation Bible School is just around the corner, I hope you who are able will be involved in this great attempt to reach those children who will not hear the Gospel if we do not reach them. If you would like to know how you can help, {we especially need people who would be willing to pick up and return home children who need rides} call the church office 918-342-6997 and we will put you to work! Thanks Jeanie for heading up VBS!
May God continue to bless our work together! Bro. Wayne

Construction, Construction, Construction!

          Vacation Bible School is over for another year. All of the planning, praying and working came to fruition and was manifested Sunday evening as we watched our children singing and praising Jesus through song and crafts! What a job all of you did to bring such joy and happiness to our kids! Thank you to each and every youth and adult that gave of your time, talent and labor to make this year’s VBS a roaring success! I was blessed!
I am certain that anyone who drives by can see the construction on King Road. The temporary driveway will be in place this week and by next Sunday we will be using this alternate drive to enter our property. I am not sure how it will all work but I keep telling myself it will be temporary. Construction is supposed to be completed by September this year. I will believe it when I see it!
At the same time work on the plot plan and the architectural drawings for our own building project are progressing. The drawings should be ready to present to our building contractor and then off to the City of Claremore for their approval. Our building fund is also growing. We are presently moving toward a start of construction as we expand our auditorium for additional seating. Although many of us are giving, it is time to pray and seek the Lord for your part of this project. We will all have to sacrifice to build ‘debt free’ as we have declared we will do!
You will see the preliminary plans and a visual of where we are and where we are going in the foyer near the front door. The project is needed and is quite attainable if we will all have an open heart to accomplish this work for our God. ‘So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work.’ Nehemiah 4:6 It is a matter of believing that the work is truly of God and then giving your heart and efforts to accomplish this great work. God’s blessing will be upon those of us who sacrifice financially and physically as He directs us.
I hope you will pray and give as God leads….it will then be done and God will receive the glory!
Summer is in full swing; just a few weeks of time until it will be gone. Don’t waste these precious days God has given us.
Bro. Wayne