We are a conservative, fundamental Southern Baptist Church whose faith and practices are based solely upon the Word of God, believing our purpose is to reach out to Claremore and the surrounding area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



Where we started...

Rehoboth Baptist Church was founded March 1, 1998 by twelve families including Pastor Wayne Keely with his family, whose purpose was to reach out to our area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With this spirit and attitude, these families bound together around a constitution, statement of faith, and by-laws to guide in their new venture of faith. Rehoboth affiliates with the Tulsa Metro Baptist Association and adheres to the Baptist Faith and Message revised in 2000.

The Church met in three different locations during the first eighteen months, outgrowing each rented facility. To accommodate the enlarging congregation, the Church purchased ten acres of land on Flint Road between the turnpike overpass and Highway 66, and began construction of a six thousand square foot facility. After meeting there for approximately 2 years, we got news that a highway needed our land for expansion.  

That is when miracles occur. After months of searching available land in the Claremore area, prospects of finding an affordable location without incurring a tremendous debt were foreboding. But just down the road 7 tenths of a mile and across Highway 66 was a church praying for answers to their needs just as earnestly as was Rehoboth. The Spirit of Grace church had more building than they needed and a debt that was overwhelming. The two pastors connected through Divine intervention and the rest is history. 

After major renovation by the church family, the first service in the new location was January 26, 2003. Early in 2004 the church family voted to add 8,000 sq. ft. of additional space to house a fellowship hall and classrooms. Rehoboth now has over 18,000 sq. ft. of building space to house its family and we just celebrated our 20th year of life.  

Wayne Keely was our pastor for 18 years. He felt the Lord calling him to retire from pastoring, and did so in October 2017. The church then called John Wylie and his wife, Rhonda. God continues to bless as Rehoboth continues to grow. The future is in God’s hands. Only He knows what He holds in store for us, but we believe He is still in control and uses the Church to accomplish His purpose in this world.